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Want to know more about the Coco De Mer?

  • What is the Coco De Mer?
    The Coco De Mer or scientifically known, Lodoicea maldivica, is the worlds largest nut. It can only be found in The Seychelles, in particular two islands, Praslin & Curieuse Islands. Spread out among the 2 islands there are only about 8,000 trees growing in total, making it an engaged species and one that must be respected. Curious what it may look like before it is removed from the husk...? Check out the link below. ~Did you know these fact about the Worlds Largest Nut?
  • What is the Coco De Mer commonly used for?
    There is so much we do not know about this under studied plant, but what we do know is; ~ Although these claims have not been scientifically reasearched yet, we do know that in the past of the Seychelles the Coco de Mer was used to treat patients from cancer and poisoning ~ Used as a natural tonic and metabolism booster ~ Known in southern Chinese medicine as a medicine and aphrodisiac It is known as "vegetable ivory" due to the flesh being rock like in texture, so it must be cooked or broken down to best be ingested.
  • What should I do with my Coco De Mer Kernels?
    If you are new to using this ingredient, we understand the need for this question, as the kernel is rock like and very very hard. Most commonly it is broken down and added to soup, the kernel holds many nutritional values, but has little to no taste, some say the taste it does have is hazelnut like, or chestnut like. However it is a great taste absorber meaning any soup or meal you add it to it will just take on that flavour and you simply can enjoy the nutritional value it provides without scarifying taste in any way
  • Is there any nutritional value to the Coco De Mer?
    From our own internal studies and deep research into the nut and kernel we have found it has certain nutritional values. It is rich in micronutrients and carbohydrates and contains virtually no fat.
  • Other than being eaten, is there anything else being done with the Coco De Mer?
    From our research and what we have come to learn, there is very little else being done with the Coco de Mer. In part this is because it is very hard to source, as it can only be sourced ethically and the Seychelles government highly regulates and protects this tree, which is very wise for them to do. Other than the distribution of the kernel, The Coco De Mer Collection team is the only known company in the world that uses parts of the nut in any way. Utilizing the husk, which has a strong and sweet natural aroma, we have created a long lasting a very unique perfume range with the coco de mer being a key note in each fragrance.
  • Do you offer wholesale purchasing of the Coco De Mer Kernel?
  • Do you ship the kernel world wide?
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  • Is it legal to own a Coco De Mer female nut?
    The Seychelles government highly regulates the buying and selling of this species. We have gained special access to these rights, and only ever directly buy and sell these items with legitimate paper work and from government run enterprises. These female nuts are 100% legal, and you are able to own and leave (or ship) them outside of Seychelles with the documentation we will provide you upon purchase.
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