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Really? It's made from that?!

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

We are sure you haven't heard these interesting Coco De Mer facts before, come learn about this amazing nut!

Probably our biggest question we receive is, how can the Perfumes be made with Coco de Mer?

Many of you have probably held, touched, or even tasted the coco de mer, and if that's the case you most probably have noticed it has NO smell, and a very subtle taste.

The coco de mer seems to only ever be remembered for its female form,

Lady holding large coco de mer nut in seychelles
Lady with Coco De Mer in Seychelles

and its size, and very little else gets talked about, and very little else is known about it.

But did you know the fallen nuts are easily found when the collectors, while trekking through the jungle bush, follow the smell it emits.

The husk of the Coco de Mer is full of this wondrous, strong, fruity natural fragrance, this is the heart of each Parfum we offer.

Coco de mer, seychelles, coco de mer husk
Coco De Mer in Husk

We use 100% natural Coco de Mer extract that is sourced from within the husk.

Before this extraction process, the husk served no real purpose, it was entirely considered waste, and all the value came from the nut and from the kernel flesh held within.

This is the first time in the history of this plant that every single aspect of this nut is put to use. Making it an eco friendly process in every sense of the word.

How else is this process environmentally friendly and how are we ensuring we don't cause further damage to an already endangered species?

We only utilize nuts that are collected when they fall naturally every 6-9 years. The amount of Coco de Mer is strictly regulated, and a government-controlled percentage is replanted to allow for this endangered species to flourish.

The Kernel from each Coco de Mer is weighed and it's condition reported back to the government or parastatal organizations to ensure a complete statistical record. The kernel which is available for local purchase, is 100% natural, untreated Coco de Mer pulp which may vary in taste and texture and sold in desiccated form for preservation.

Coco de mer kernel, coco de mer flesh
Coco De Mer Kernel

Our factory which is situated at the historic Cinnamon Kiln of Domaine de Val De Pres has. Been transformed into an eco friendly establishment with over 80% renewable energy from solar panels and we are proud to employ 100% Seychellois staff.

If you are ever curious to learn more, to smell the essence of the husk in its full form, come on down to the distillery in Au cap, we offer daily tours, and love to share the knowledge we have learned with all those who visit.


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